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Most of all itís common sense!

Thatís right, communications does not require a rocket scientist. But it does need someone who knows how to research, develop communications activities, carry them out and evaluate the results.

Sounds simple? But communications just doesnít happen. It must be carefully planned and implemented to ensure that it works for your company. It takes strong management and planning abilities to successfully identify, carry out and coordinate high profile opportunities and promotional events. That's where Telfer Communications comes in. Almost 25 years of public relations experience in a variety of business, government, educational and volunteer organizations.

But who has the time or resources?

While communications is important to any business, it is usually the first item chopped from the budget. While not everyone can afford a full time communications professional, Communications activities can help contribute to increasing visibility and the bottom line. We provide communications services, short or long term, to suit your needs and your budget.

Telfer Communications seeks challenging communications contract positions or projects where proven leadership, motivation and problem-solving skills can contribute to overall corporate business objectives. As a key member of a communications team we establish effective and results-orientated programs to enhance your organizationís image.

Who is Telfer Communications?

Telfer Communications and its associates are a group of innovative and dedicated staff ready to work for you.

Wayne Telfer, principal consultant, has 25 years of public relations experience in a variety of business, government, educational and volunteer organizations.

Telfer Communicationsí associates also represent some of the top independents in their fields. Communications specialists, graphic and web site designers, marketing and research specialists, freelance writers, display design and others acting as your personal communications department.

Call today and allow us the opportunity to help you reach your business goals.
(780) 489-1188
Email: wtelfer@telfcom.com

What services do we offer?

  • Communications Planning 
  • Marketing Strategies 
  • Communications Audits 
  • Special Event and Sponsorship Management 
  • Fundraising 
  • Desktop Publishing 
  • Internet Searches 
  • Media Relations Training 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Web Design and Content Updating
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Computer Upgrades and Repairs
  • Custom Computer Builds